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GP-900R Geo-Swing Drill Status: On Order VIN#: 0

Rig Specifications
  • 12" tube style mast
  • Two way cross-top head slide
  • Planetary top head drive
  • GP-900 hydrostatic top head drive (0-107 RPM@ 9,000 ft lbs., 0-200 RPM @ 4860 ft. lbs. torque)
  • 24' stroke, cable, hyd. cylinder actuated pulldown/retract drill system (pulldown 24,537 lbs./retract 18,412 lbs.)
  • Bypass circuit for rapid pulldown/retract system
  • Pulldown/holdback feed control system
  • Two speed retract
  • Hydraulic pump drive system with enlarged pump
  • Cat C7 diesel engine rated 225 HP
  • Power unit double pump drive, special
  • Oil cooling system
  • Standard lighting (2)
  • Tower tool carrier for transportation
  • Hydraulic slide foot guide with hydraulic tool clamp
  • Operator controls including tachometer, key ignition switch, and gauges pertinent to the operation of the drill
  • Operator foot stand Outrigger 4 point hydraulic 5" x 30" x 3"
  • Rotary package: Western Rubber side inlet swivel, mud/air hoses, safety cables, valving, piping, HD breakout wrench
  • 8,500 lb. (1st layer) Pullmaster winch with rapid reverse 0-124 fpm up/0-538 fpm down; 1/2" x 150' cable w/swivel hook
  • Hydraulic motor gear reducer, frame, to install 7 ½" x 10 CL duplex mud pump
  • Hydraulic system with quik couplerers installed with grout mixer
  • 500 CFM/200 PSI Sullair screw air compressor with hydraulic motor, coupling, frame, tank, installed
  • Large capacity carousel (to hold 11 - 3" OD rods)
  • Hydraulic indexing
  • Mud pit system supplied by customer
  • Drill rod adapter attachment; sub saver
  • Drill rod bushing for 3" OD drill pipe
  • Hydraulic motor operated hose reel
  • Dual control system for operation of customer's track carrier from the front or the back
  • Plant assembly and mounting on custom track carrier


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